The driving principles for Greg Epstein and the entire gne Architecture studio are meticulous design, high quality construction, master craftsmanship and consummate service. These tenets are the bricks that have built our business with unparalleled results.

Founded by Greg Epstein in 2005, gne Architecture is a New York City based architecture and design practice dedicated to providing inventive and timeless solutions that are as personalized and singular as our clients.  Much like the triangle, the strongest shape in architecture, we operate under the belief that a collaborative relationship between designer, client and constructor creates an ideal trifecta paramount to creating unique solutions to unique problems.  

Our practice has led us to design projects throughout the country as well as the US Virgin Islands. Our diverse portfolio of project includes custom residences, commercial interiors, corporate clients and beyond.  

As every client is matchless, so are our designs. We strive to create spaces that are clean, sophisticated, richly detailed and right.